Welcoming new education volunteer!

A warm hello to all of Andean Alliance’s supporters. My name is Lila. I am the most recent arrival here at Lazy Dog Inn where I am assisting Berta, the current education volunteer. Together we are teaching in the Yurac Yacu Education Center with a morning program for pre-school children and an afternoon program for elementary and middle school students. I am thrilled to be a part of this well-established and always growing enterprise.

After just a few weeks here, I now know everyone’s favorite puzzle, which students can write ‘big’ and ‘little’ As, and who can be counted on to cause mischief. I was lucky to arrive as the school’s attendance is growing. Welcoming new kids means both an increased demand for the teacher’s time and attention, as well as a need to develop lesson plans geared towards different age levels. Together, Berta and I are able to divide the children into two groups and target our teaching towards skills that are specific to discrete age groups.


Thus far some of the things I have enjoyed are reading my favorite children stories to the class in Spanish and the enthusiastic hugs that the kids give everyday. Some of the challenges include explaining algebra in a foreign language and adapting to the different cultural educational expectations and norms in Peru. As I continue to work here, I am sure that both rewards and challenges will continue to abound!

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