Testimonial – Laetitia Prahin (Aiglon College teacher, Swiss)

What a trip!!! Despite managing to be ill most of the time: altitude sickness first and then stomach bug, I loved every minute of it. It was my very first time in South America and even in the southern hemisphere… and being “head down” transformed my viewpoint on things!
What I loved most of all was meeting people. Let me start with the lovely ladies who cooked for us: when we were complaining about the cold, wearing numerous layers of jumpers and jackets, gloves and hats, they happily worked in our outside kitchen: smiling, cooking delicious meals and chatting away about life. The people on the working site were amazing too… we made them laugh with our regular breaks and our inability to move big rocks when old men and a young woman were doing so with ease. They worked endlessly, whilst we just managed a couple of hours of ACTUAL work a day and were exhausted by it. And last but not least, the children: they were so sweet and so cheeky at times and they knew exactly what to do to make us melt…. Their smile will remain with me for a long time!
It was a fantastic trip and it brought more to me that my tiny contribution did to the project…

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