Testimonial – Brian, November 2009 – May 2010

My time with Andean alliance was absolutely unforgettable. I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to be accepted by, and grow with, a community so different from my own. When I began my work with Andean alliance, I had lofty goals of providing a positive influence, and helping to initiate change where it could do the greatest good. In many ways, I feel as though the association was able to assist me in meeting and even surpassing these goals. For that I am very grateful.

What I was unable to anticipate prior to beginning my volunteering was how profoundly my time there would influence me as a person. My work with the alliance has helped to shape who I am today. To feel like you are making a difference and to be able to see some of those differences taking place in front of you is a satisfaction that is difficult to put into words. The people that I met and the experiences I had while volunteering with Andean Alliance are things that will stay with me forever. I can only hope that my impact on the community that I left behind in some ways rivals the impact that it had on me as a person going forward.

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