Nicolas Dargaud (Aiglon College Teacher, French)

Our visit to the Lazy Dog Inn was amazing and a real eye opener for our students. We left with this feeling of having contributed to a worthy cause and made a tiny difference in this community. Although we were only able to work on the foundations of the community centre and were not lucky enough to see the whole building completed before we left, in a kind of symbolic way, we felt proud to have laid out the foundations for what is more than a building but a real long-term educational project for the Yurak Yacu people. We are looking forward to coming back with another group of keen students in 2011.

Testimonial – Laetitia Prahin (Aiglon College teacher, Swiss)

What a trip!!! Despite managing to be ill most of the time: altitude sickness first and then stomach bug, I loved every minute of it. It was my very first time in South America and even in the southern hemisphere… and being “head down” transformed my viewpoint on things! Continue reading

Testimonial – Prakriti Shah (Indian student from Aiglon College, Switzerland)

The Lazy Dog Inn was a great place to stay. The local people are very hospitable and work very hard. It was nice that we could go horse-riding or mountain-biking. This was a change from our usual routine of helping with the community building. Horse-riding was particularly memorable because we rode out in the open and in the Western style. This was a change from the ‘proper’ style of British riding. The food made by the ladies was good and it tasted particularly delicious after a long day’s work! I would definitely go back to The Lazy Dog Inn if I had a chance.

Testimonial – Ariel Ho-Kjaer (Chinese student from Aiglon College, Switzerland)

Peru just started off as a service project for me but as I began to mold into the culture and experience of the country it became so much more. Volunteering building the school brought me out of my comfort zone and into a realm of new faces and places. The people at the Lazy Dog Inn and in the community welcomed us warmly and made me feel comfortable in my surroundings. I will keep the experience in my heart for the rest of my life and will hopefully one day return.

Testimonial – Jacopo de Bernini (Italian student from Aiglon College, Switzerland)

Last summer July 2010, four classmates and I went to Huaraz to build a community center for the locals. It was an amazing experience not only because I was able to visit a country where I had never been, but also because I was able to do something good for someone else and maybe contribute a little bit to improving their living conditions. I felt I contributed in insuring a future to some kids.

Testimonial – Alia Bazarbachi

Alia Bazarbachi (Indian student from Aiglon College, Switzerland)

The Lazy Dog Inn was an incredible place to stay in. I felt that the local people were extremely hospitable which allowed us to engage into a new culture. Apart from our daily routine of working on the building site, we went horseriding where we were swept away by the breath-taking scenery. Working with the little Peruvian Children was also extremely entertaining and heartwarming because we were able to teach the kids and actually interact with the local community. Overall, my experience at the Lazy Dog Inn was incredible and I would definitely like to return to it.

Testimonial – Carol from the U.K, May 2010

I spent about 3 weeks volunteering at the Lazy Dog in May 2010, helping with a few different projects running at that time: education programme; bird list; first thoughts for designing the community project information for the website.  This was near the start of a 3 months sabbatical that I was going to enjoy in Peru.

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Inauguration of Yurac Yacu Center

Inauguration of Yurac Yacu Center

Inauguration of Yurac Yacu Center

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Testimonial – Brian, November 2009 – May 2010

My time with Andean alliance was absolutely unforgettable. I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to be accepted by, and grow with, a community so different from my own. When I began my work with Andean alliance, I had lofty goals of providing a positive influence, and helping to initiate change where it could do the greatest good. In many ways, I feel as though the association was able to assist me in meeting and even surpassing these goals. For that I am very grateful.

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