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Previous Events

Event NameDateLocationDescription
Chocolatada13th December 2015, 10:00Cachipampa football fieldThe Annual Chocolatada will be organized on December 13th for around 450 children and many of the local youth offer their time as volunteers for the day. The event will take place at the Cachipampa football field 10am onwards until 2pm.
Christmas Fair in Colegio Roosevelt4th December 2015, 09:00Roosevelt School in LimaChristmas Fair in Colegio Roosevelt in Lima on December 4th and 5th. The Yurac Yacu Women´s Knitting Group has been invited to participate with their excellent products. The Canadian International Women´s Group has kindly offered to pay the travel and entrance costs so that the ladies can go to Lima and represent their association.
December´s Educational Activities1st December 2015, 10:00Yurac Yacu Community CenterThere will be varying activities organized in the Yurac Yacu Community Center during December since the schools maintain closed because of phenomenon El Niño. The activities are meant for primary school age children in the area. Twice a week, 3-4 hours at a time there will be organized activities related to arts&crafts, cooking and nutrition, movies and educational games and play, etc.
A Workshop on Communication for Local Public Health Nurses27th September 2015, 10:00MarianThis second session is a continuation to the first worshop held in July. The main theme and goal of the workshop continues to be helping teachers and health care providers with improved skills on interpersonal communication between each other, the families they work with and filtering down to children and women in need. The concept is that if we cannot listen and communicate amongst ourselves then it is an obstacle to working with children and women, helping to discern need and possible intervention.
Stove Project3rd August 2015, 10:00Yurac Yacu community in Cachipampa Alto.Five local families in the communities around Yurac Yacu received an energy efficient cook stove during the first week of August 2015. This collective social project was part of Sombrilla International Development Society´s Youth to Youth Tour. Canadian youth worked as volunteers together with local youth, adults and the chosen families to build these great stoves that will make cooking conditions better and safer in these houses.
Youth to Youth Tour 20151st August 2015, 10:00Yurac Yacu community in Cachipampa Alto.Sombrilla´s Yurac Yacu Youth to Youth tour offered Canadian and Peruvian youth a hands-on experience in International Development when they put into practice a social project constructing energy efficient cook stoves together for local families around Yurac Yacu communities. During the first week of August 2015 everybody learned about culture, language and the encounters built new friendships and memorable moments for all. Pictures in fb:
Sombrilla Yurac Yacu Youth to Youth Tour 20151st August 2015, 09:00Yurac Yacu community in Cachipampa Alto.Youth from Canada and Yurac Yacu communities will spend together for more than a week traveling and implementing a social project in the Andean Yurac Yacu communities. From August 1st until the 9th the youth will learn together about sustainable development, share cultural experiencies and work on a collective project - building energy efficient cook stoves.
A Workshop on Communication for Local Public Health Nurses19th July 2015, 10:00HuarazThe goal of the workshop was to help teachers and health care providers with improved skills on interpersonal communication between each other, the families they work with and filtering down to children and women in need. The concept was that if we cannot listen and communicate amongst ourselves then it is an obstacle to working with children and women, helping to discern need and possible intervention. The session focused on the book by Marshall Rosenberg, Non Violent Communication. Aside from a talk we had practical work, role playing, material preparation. It was stimulating and insightful for all. The second session will be held in the end of September.
Yurac Yacu Café Opening10th June 2015, 11:00Yurac Yacu Community Center Cachipampa Alto, 3,3km from MarianThe Yurac Yacu Seasonal Café will open it´s doors for all hungry people! The Café will be open from Wednesday to Sunday (11am - 4pm) serving fresh healthy food prepared by the local people from the communities. We welcome everyone to taste the delicious dishes and to get to know the Center on this Opening Day!
First Aid Workshop16th May 2015, 09:00Yurac Yacu Community CenterA workshop on first aid is organized for the Knitting Group and school kids´ parents in the Yurac Yacu Center at 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Finnish paramedic Ms. Heli Koivula will provide information about treatment and prevention of accidents which happen often in the house, fields and school. We will also practice cleaning a wound, making a bandage and how to treat burns and sprains. We will also discus the proper treatment for diarrhea, general hygiene, oral hygiene, preventive methods and many other things! In the end the participants will receive a small first aid kit with useful materials.
Training Course for the Community Toursim Guides2nd May 2015, 08:30Yurac Yacu Community CenterThe Community Tourism Guides Program will continue on May 2nd as the Training Course for last year´s graduated as well as for new students will start. The Course is from the 2nd until 31st of May and it´s organized on Saturdays and Sundays 8:30am - 2:00pm.
ORGANIC FOOD PRODUCTION WORKSHOPS16th April 2015, 09:00Lazy Dog InnThe 3rd Organic Food Production Workshop. Instructors Tito Pariamachi and Alberto Caururo teach how to prepare MM Liquid mix and M5 mix with the participants (provide recipe to each participant).
Welcome Canadian Students Cultural Interchange12th August 2012, 00:00Yurac YacuSarah from Sombrilla and school kids from Alberta, Canada come for a week of cultural exchange with local teenagers and volunteer service.
8th Annual Soccer and Volleyball Tournament14th July 2012, 00:00Campo de Maracana [Community]A weekend of games, fun and teamwork for local kids, supporters and viewers.
Welcome Swiss Volunteers1st July 2012, 00:00Yurac YacuWe welcome the third visit from Aiglon College, Switzerland. With teachers, a group of students come and volunteer for a week with the Yurac Yacu project and also contribute funds they raised during the year.
Welcome New Volunteers30th May 2012, 00:00Yurac YacuWelcome Ben and Lindsey from Seattle, USA as instructors for the second module of the Leadership and Outdoor Education course and Yurac Yacu computer courses. Welcome Nick from Chicago, USA as a Yurac Yacu computer class instructor and classroom assistant at Yurac Yacu and Rivas for environmental education programs.
Leadership and Outdoor Education Program Begins29th May 2012, 09:00Our Leadership and Outdoor Education program continues, with level 2 for returning students and level 1 for new beginners.
Computers Online1st May 2012, 00:00Yurac YacuThe installation of programs and connection to internet is completed. Computer classes to begin soon!
Library Assistants Trained5th April 2012, 00:00Yurac YacuLocal teenagers begin training as library assistants to catalogue the library´s book collection. The objective is with training that they will be able to work in the computer and library center.
Welcome New Profesora22nd March 2012, 00:00Yurac YacuWe welcome Flor as our new profesora for the Yurac Yacu Girasoles Early Childhood Education program. As a teacher with a science background, a love for the rural areas and its people, in addition to her passion for teaching, she brings an inquisitive mind, a friendly face and extraordinary motivation for the young people she works with.
Library Installation10th March 2012, 00:00Yurac YacuA volunteer group from Roosevelt school arrives with 500 books to contribute to the start of the library. Books were catalogued and organized. The donated eMac computers are loaded with a Linux operating system and installed. A celebratory lunch and plaque of appreciation were enjoyed and presented as well. Roosevelt school makes a commitment to continue to support the program yearly with library books, computer donations and volunteers.
Opening of Computer Center and Library20th February 2012, 00:00Yurac YacuThe completion of construction of the second building, which will house the computers and library, was celebrated with a lunch provided by the association of Yurac Yacu. Sarah, a representative of Sombrilla, was presented with an official plaque thanking them for their contribution and commitment to the project.
Summer School1st February 2012, 00:00Yurac YacuSix week summer school program with local children, focusing on mathematics and literacy.
Leadership and Outdoor Education Program Begins10th January 2012, 00:00Jen of Skyline Adventures and Diana conduct the first 6 week leadership and outdoor educational skills course for six local teenagers.
Welcome New Volunteers8th January 2012, 00:00Yurac YacuWelcome Sarah of the Sombrilla NGO from Edmonton and Stacy and Randy and their two children from Seattle. Their main focus was on strengthening our early childhood educational program, material development, teaching summer school, and physical improvements in and around the school.
9th Annual Chocolatada20th December 2011, 00:00Pampa de Maracana [Community]Our annual Christmas Chocolatada for over 250 children was held in the pampa de maracana. For the first time, 12 local young people worked as volunteers for this event and their community. A labor of love!
Computer Donation15th December 2011, 00:00Yurac YacuRoosevelt school from Lima donates 10 computers for the computer and library educational room and library to be opened in February 2012
Field Trip to Pastoruri10th October 2011, 00:00PastoruriLocal school children from Rivas go on a day long educational field trip to the Pastoruri glacier.
English Assistance Program1st October 2011, 00:00In fall 2011 we are initiating an english assistance program with one of the local schools.
Welcome New Volunteer20th July 2011, 00:00Yurac YacuWelcome Karen from Alberta, Canada as a teacher and a project advisor for the Yurac Yacu Center
Volley and Soccer Tournament 201116th July 2011, 00:00Campo de MaracanaThe 16th and 17th of July - a weekend of games and fun for local kids, supporters and viewers.
Donation15th July 2011, 00:00Yurac YacuOur Canadian partner NGO Sombrilla Refugee Support Society has sent the Yurac Yacu Project a donation which will allow for the construction of the second educational module, which will house the library and computer area.
Good Bye Berta and Lila9th July 2011, 13:00In the Yurac Yacu outside areaThe Mothers Group hosted an outside lunch to give thanks and to say goodbye to Berta, who has been with us since Sept. 2010 and Lila since May 2011. The food was great and the beer was perfect.
Volunteer group from Switzerland visiting6th July 2011, 00:00Yurac YacuIn July we welcome the second visit from Aiglon College Switzerland. With teachers, a group of students come and volunteer for a week with the Yurac Yacu project and also contribute with funds they have raised during the year.
Sombrilla Fund Raising Event10th June 2011, 19:30Edmonton, CanadaOur Canadian partner NGO Sombrilla Refugee Support Society has a fund raising event with Latin American folk music at the 10th of June.
Recycling Project1st June 2011, 00:00local areaStarting in June we will collect recycled goods to encourage recycling and raise money for the volley and soccer tournament on July 16th and 17th.
International Fundraising Dinner5th May 2010, 00:00Yurac YacuSombrilla hosts an international dinner to raise valuable funds to further community and education projects for Yurac Yacu. Dinner is attended by Diana and former volunteer Karen who did a small presentation on the progress of the project.