Andean Alliance

strengthen the educational and economic base of Andean communities


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Andean Alliance
P.O. Box 94, Serpost
Huaraz, Peru

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Where We Are Located

Map to Andean Alliance (approx. 15Km, 25 mins)
Andean Alliance is based outside of Huaraz, Peru at the base of the spectacular Cordillera Blanca Mountains, the highest tropical mountain range on earth.  Containing over 20 glaciated mountain summits over 6,000 meters a.s.l. this area is home to ancient cultures that today are the remnants of the largest human civilization to develop outside the known world until only 500 years ago … and which today struggle to earn their rightful place at the human table.

It is also a major tourist destination for climbers, hikers and mountain enthusiasts from around the world. Located at 3,600 meters a.s.l. above the community of Marian, the area provides a spectacular image of traditional native agriculture framed against a back-drop of enormous glaciated mountains and bright blue skies. The area is comprised almost entirely of Quechua speaking indigenous subsistence farmers whose small plots of land and herds of animals are the sole basis of their survival.