Aiglon College Volunteer Group 2011

This month, for the 2nd year in a row, 12 students and 3 teachers from Aiglon College, Switzerland travelled to Peru, to complete a service project within our community. Their help included teaching the local children in the Yurac Yacu Early Childhood Program, painting a mural and constructing a playground for the children. They also got to experience the local culture with a welcoming Pachamanca meal, prepared by the local neighbors.
They also had the pleasure of a 3 day hike into the Quebrada Quilcahunca (supported by local guides,cooks and arrieros), helping with the recycling and a winning last day football match ( they were called  Queso Swisso).
Their presence here was greatly welcome and thier efforts appreciated. The year of collecting funds as a donation was successful and the money will help to equip the computer and library area. We all look forward to their return in 2012.
Teaching the Children






Art with Children


Mural painting…








The Finished Swing Set



A finished Mural






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